Where the magic happens: Blank wallet partners with DeFi Wizard

3 min readMar 29, 2021

“Clickity-click, Abra-Cadabra, You are now invisible!” 🧙

Blank team is proud to announce its latest partnership with DeFi Wizard, a user-friendly DeFi dashboard for easy smart contract creation and token issuance. DeFi Wizard has been working with our team for some time now and we are excited to publicly announce this ongoing collaboration.

DeFi Wizard has been extremely helpful in helping Blank bootstrap and now DeFi Wizard is our official Token Vesting Smart Contract provider. They have been an integral piece of the Blank Token ecosystem since the beginning, having already helped with the private investor round and team token vesting processes.

Now, the Blank wallet team will continue to work with DeFi Wizard to expand $BLANK’s staking smart contract functionalities, and to provide privacy-enabled liquidity provider incentives, something that DeFi desperately needs.

More partnerships coming

The Blank Wallet team has been working tirelessly to deliver a working product by May in order to stay within the promised roadmap. While development is our number one priority and what we love to do, we understand that partnerships are an integral part of creating a successful ecosystem in the crypto and startup world.

As so, we have many more partnerships coming. Some are currently being negotiated and others are in the pipeline and ready to be announced, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming updates via our Telegram channel, group and Twitter.

About DeFi Wizard

DeFi Wizard is a user-friendly DeFi dashboard that allows anyone to create their own smart contracts with just a few clicks, making the complex world of decentralized finance simple and accessible to general audiences, an essential step towards mainstream adoption.

DeFi Wizard offers real-time programmer analytics and allows users to create smart contracts for ERC20 / BEP20 / EDST, staking, yield farming, governance, cross-chain bridge, and gasless relayers. Put shortly, DeFi Wizard simplifies DeFi, a feat that is nothing short of true magic!

Learn more about DeFi Wizard here.

About Blank Wallet

Blank is the most private, non-custodial Ethereum browser extension wallet.

Blank allows the user to easily interact with privacy smart contracts on Ethereum to hide the amounts and the origins of cryptocurrency held, in a decentralized, non-custodial, and frictionless manner.

Blank solves the problem of privacy in crypto transactions. Each time you want to make a withdrawal, Blank will create a new wallet address for you with the amount of crypto that you requested. This address originates from the smart contract where everyone’s funds are pooled. All of this is achieved using cryptographic proofs to ensure that the user cannot be linked with the original depositing address.

With crypto transactions increasing, on-chain transaction privacy is being highly discussed to keep you safe from exposing yourself. Blank has developed a system that adds the ultimate protective layer to your crypto transactions while facilitating every function that other wallets offer.

Anyone can easily install Blank and start reaping the privacy benefits in no time at all. Besides the smart contract functionality, Blank wallet offers a higher level of privacy due to Tor integration. Upcoming functionality includes DeFi web3 integrations as well as support for Metamask Snaps Plugins to allow for seamless connectivity and usage.

Reclaim privacy on your Ethereum transfers. Go Blank.

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