Meet our new hire — Kelsey Veldman, Junior Marketing Manager

3 min readOct 12, 2022

#17 — This is the seventeenth post in our “Meet our new hire” series, where we introduce you to the latest additions to our team here at BlockWallet.

We’d like to welcome our latest team member, Kelsey Veldman! Kelsey is a well-rounded marketing manager with experience in managing marketing content, overseeing social media accounts, and pushing out project updates to the community. At BlockWallet, Kelsey plays a pivotal role in supporting the day-to-day marketing activities at BlockWallet.

What’s your job position?

I’m a junior-marketing manager at BlockWallet, and I support BlockWallets mission by:

  • Working alongside marketing on the latest campaigns
  • Helping to keep our community up to date on our social platforms
  • Monitor feedback on our social platforms around user experience and features so our team can consider adding these to our roadmap

Which projects have you worked on before?

I’ve been part of the team at a decentralized finance platform, managing the marketing content, social media accounts, and project updates to our community.

When did you first get involved in crypto?

I’ve been involved with crypto professionally for over a year now. But my personal interest peaked in 2020 when I began following projects, keeping up to date with market trends and the progress crypto was making on the traditional markets. I’ve been investing in crypto since 2020, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I knew I wanted to understand more and grow my knowledge, and there’s nowhere better than with BlockWallet.

What made you interested in BlockWallet?

I did a lot of research trying to grow my knowledge in crypto, grow my portfolio, and also join an exciting crypto startup like BlockWallet. Overall, the product is what got me really interested. The focus on privacy and security resonated with me, and in addition to that, they had a stunning user experience. I couldn’t wait to jump on board. The team is amazing and everything about the role excited me! Marketing, crypto, and people orientated!

Why do you think privacy matters on blockchains?

Blockchain technology is built around data security, using both private and public keys to secure our data. Without privacy, we are constantly at risk of hacks and theft. No one wants their personal information freely available for anyone to access, and this is what blockchain promises.

Do you have any predictions on where crypto will be 5 years from now?

I think crypto adoption is inevitable. We see more and more countries accepting crypto as a form of payment and I think NFTs will find real-world use cases in our daily lives. My belief is that crypto will continue to grow until it’s embedded into everyone’s daily lives.

Parting thoughts

I’m really excited to have joined such a great team and look forward to connecting with the community more, bringing you all the latest updates, and watching the growth that BlockWallet is on track for.

About BlockWallet

BlockWallet is a privacy-first self-custodial browser extension wallet where you can store, send or receive crypto and interact with your favorite blockchain apps privately.

As crypto sees mainstream adoption, blockchain’s lack of privacy often translates to security risks. BlockWallet is here to ensure that on-chain privacy does not lag behind. The wallet provides a set of advanced privacy tools wrapped in a familiar and user-friendly wallet experience, eliminating friction and making privacy accessible for everyone.

BlockWallet protects you and ensures privacy by default. When you make transactions or interact with blockchain apps, BlockWallet routes all node requests through Privacy Proxies, which mask the IP address and other metadata, that can be used to identify and track you on a blockchain. BlockWallet offers integrated Flash-Bot Protection, shielding you from sandwich attacks when you trade on DEXes. Meanwhile, the Phishing Protection feature helps you combat phishing scams by generating unique artwork on all sensitive pages.

BlockWallet is not a compromise. It’s privacy-first, but it still packs all features you would expect from a wallet. With full Web 3.0 support, the wallet allows you to connect to any DApp.

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