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#2 — This is the second post in our “Building The Future Of Privacy” series. In this series, we’ll be joined by Blank employees for a deep dive into the future of privacy. For our second post, we’re joined by Alex — the founder of Blank Wallet! Here’s his outlook on the project and privacy space:

How do you see the future of Blank Wallet?

Right now we are 100% focused on getting Blank Wallet ready for mainnet release. We’ve come a long way so far, and are now putting on some finishing touches to ensure the wallet has a successful launch and long-term future. However, the mainnet launch is just the beginning of what we have in store for the future.

After the launch, we’ll shift our focus to large-scale wallet user acquisition. We’re mainly looking at marketing methods that promote long-term growth and sustainability. We aim to have the best privacy-focused wallet in the space, and that means listening to user feedback and making adjustments when necessary.

From a long-term perspective, I’d like to see us branching out from the privacy space into a wider range of users. Privacy will always be our backbone, but becoming a mainstream wallet with a broader appeal is crucial. To do this, we plan to add as much value as possible for the average DeFi user. This includes multichain support, NFT integration, and advanced technical features such as frontrunning prevention and gasless built-in swaps.

What’s the plan for the team?

Further expansion is going to happen. We’re currently on the hunt for a Chief Marketing Officer to lead our post-launch marketing efforts. In addition, the development team has made it clear that we could benefit from onboarding more developers. We have the idea that we’d like to hire one developer every few months to match our requirements.

We’ve previously spoken about starting a DAO, which is definitely in our long-term plans. It’s a matter of time and will happen when we’re in a position for it to be effective and efficient. We’ll maintain our company treasury to fund development but will dedicate a token treasury to the DAO that could be used to hire independent contractors. The community would be able to vote on how the treasury is used for the benefit of Blank Wallet. In general, we’d like to see more decentralization within the team as we achieve more of our goals.

What’s the most challenging thing about building Blank Wallet?

Being new in the game has been a challenge. Blank Wallet is relatively new to the scene, and as a result, we’ve had to play catch up with long-established projects. Many of these projects have had years to build their products, yet we don’t have that luxury. Crypto is extremely time-sensitive, so trying to get things done as quickly as possible while also ensuring a quality product is difficult. If we’re forced to choose between the two, we’ll always choose quality.

In addition, the fact that we don’t collect any data from our users has made development a little more challenging. This data could be used to observe how people use the wallet, which can be valuable information. However, we ultimately believe the privacy of our users comes first. We’re solving this problem by relying more on opt-in feedback from our users.

Will the future be more focused on privacy coins or on-chain solutions?

We discussed this question with venture capital companies during the project’s early stages. The consensus seems to be that privacy coins do provide a higher degree of privacy but have drawbacks that make on-chain solutions more appealing. The central idea behind Blank Wallet is that privacy should be convenient, yet privacy coins are often cumbersome to use. Acquiring them is becoming increasingly difficult, and users are often forced to go through middlemen such as centralized exchanges, which defeats the point of privacy for many. As a result, on-chain privacy solutions are gaining more traction, and I believe this is where the future lies.

What are your thoughts on regulations?

At this stage, regulation seems inevitable. As cryptocurrency sees further adoption, governments and institutions will try to step in and regulate. When this time comes, it’s our task to figure out the best way to navigate through regulatory waters. I strongly believe that there’s room for compliant privacy. Users should be able to choose who they reveal their data to, allowing them to stay compliant with regulations while being anonymous on the blockchain.

Several governments have begun experimenting with their own digital currencies. In general, I believe this is a good sign for the crypto space as it will drive further adoption. The issue is that if these governments use established blockchain technology, then the transparency of it will be a major privacy concern for millions of people. This is where I believe Blank Wallet will have a major role to play.

About Blank Wallet

Blank Wallet is the most private, non-custodial crypto wallet.

Blank Wallet is the ultimate browser extension wallet for full financial privacy, without compromise. Unlock the full potential of Web 3.0 with privacy-enhancing smart contracts at your fingertips.

As crypto sees further adoption, on-chain privacy is quickly becoming a sought-after commodity. For newcomers and enthusiasts alike, blockchain’s lack of privacy poses a real security risk that stems the growth of cryptocurrency. Blank Wallet eliminates the friction faced by millions of users by making privacy accessible for everyone, everywhere.

The wallet uses battle-tested privacy-enhancing technology to protect your financial data. Cryptographic proofs allow users to deposit and mix their funds in a smart contract that renders them untraceable. When you want to make a withdrawal, Blank Wallet creates a fresh wallet address with no links to your history on the blockchain.

Anyone can easily install Blank Wallet and start reaping the benefits. Besides full privacy functionality, Blank Wallet comes packed with an array of features that go beyond privacy for a seamless user experience. With full Web 3.0 support, the wallet allows you to connect to any DApp and harness the power of the decentralized web.

Reclaim your financial privacy. GoBlank.

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