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3 min readMar 4, 2021


The countdown for the $BLANK IDO on Polkastarter has started. In the meantime, we wanted to share some great news. We have partnered with Magnus Capital Digital Assets Fund, a cryptocurrency-focused VC and advisory firm that helps blockchain projects like Blank Wallet on their journey towards success.

Magnus Capital was one of the Blank Wallet pre-sale private round investors alongside illustrious names like X21 Digital, SevenX, Spark Digital Capital, GBV Capital, Woodstock, and more. We successfully closed the private round in February with a 68x oversubscription ratio.

Magnus Capital will be assisting Blank Wallet in various capacities, including the curation of strategic partnerships across the DeFi ecosystem. We’re happy to have them on board as early-stage investors and partners. Mr. Matthijs Van Driel, Co-Founder of Magnus Capital stated:

“Blank Wallet is addressing a serious void in the marketplace: privacy for the Ethereum blockchain. Magnus is proud to support the team’s vision which was built with compliance, convenience, and reliability in mind. We look forward to promoting its implementation across the ecosystem.”

Details of the Private Sale:

Private Sale Token Allocation — 35,000,000 BLANK

Total Token Supply — 125,000,000 BLANK

Whitelist allocation request — 68x the maximum capacity

About Magnus Capital

Magnus Capital has been investing in the digital assets space since 2017 with a heavy focus on early-stage projects that are actively developing scalable solutions in the decentralized finance ecosystem. Leveraging Magnus’s extensive experience and networks within the digital asset space, Magnus Capital provides its clients and portfolio companies with access to its collective network that offers early-stage marketing, growth, and communication strategies, access to expedited exchange listings, a network of front end and back end developers, legal and banking setup services, and capital raising.

Learn more about Magnus Capital

About Blank Wallet

Blank is the most private, non-custodial Ethereum browser extension wallet.

Blank allows the user to easily interact with privacy smart contracts on Ethereum to hide the amounts and the origins of cryptocurrency held, in a decentralized, non-custodial, and frictionless manner.

Blank solves the problem of privacy in crypto transactions. Each time you want to make a withdrawal, Blank will create a new wallet address for you with the amount of crypto that you requested. This address originates from the smart contract where everyone’s funds are pooled. All of this is achieved using cryptographic proofs to ensure that the user cannot be linked with the original depositing address.

With crypto transactions increasing, on-chain transaction privacy is being highly discussed to keep you safe from exposing yourself. Blank has developed a system that adds the ultimate protective layer to your crypto transactions while facilitating every function that other wallets offer.

Anyone can easily install Blank and start reaping the privacy benefits in no time at all. Besides the smart contract functionality, Blank wallet offers a higher level of privacy due to Tor integration. Upcoming functionality includes DeFi web3 integrations as well as support for Metamask Snaps Plugins to allow for seamless connectivity and usage.

Reclaim privacy on your Ethereum transfers. Go Blank.

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The most private, non-custodial browser wallet. Reclaim control of your financial privacy. Get BlockWallet.

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