Blank Wallet Audit & Release Update

5 min readAug 20, 2021

We’ve finally received our initial audit report and are ready to outline the next steps regarding Blank Wallet’s mainnet release. With this update, we want to give the community an idea of what the future holds.

Least Authority has sent us their initial audit report. They’ve been helpful in highlighting a few minor issues for our development team to fix. However, recent developments have led to concerns that Blank Wallet is not secure enough for a mainnet release at this time. As a result, we’re taking additional steps to guarantee the safety of our code. We’re putting a release plan into place with 3 checkpoints. As each phase is completed, we’ll update the community. The mainnet release will happen as soon as phase 3 is completed.

This plan includes:

  • Further collaboration with Least Authority
  • In-house code reviews
  • Public bug bounties
  • Mainnet closed beta testing
  • Additional audits

We’re extremely optimistic about the future and remain committed to ensuring the long-term success of Blank Wallet.


Over the last few weeks, we’ve been waiting on Least Authority for an update on the audit’s progress. They recently provided us with an initial audit report and communicated that no major issues have been detected.

Least Authority has found several smaller issues and provided us with good advice on multiple points. However, we have reason to believe that this single audit does not give us the reassurance needed for a mainnet launch at this stage. Before receiving Least Authority’s initial audit report, our own development team found a critical bug while reviewing Blank Wallet’s code. We did not disclose our findings to Least Authority until after receiving the initial report. We have since fixed this bug for the security of wallet users. This concern has prompted us to seek reviews by additional third-party auditors to see if additional issues are detected.

Our major concern is that Least Authority did not detect this bug in their initial audit report. This could mean that there are additional bugs in the code and highlights the danger of putting all of our trust in a single audit.

We fully understand that a third-party audit never guarantees the complete safety of any project. However, it’s incredibly important for us to establish Blank Wallet as a standard for both privacy and security. A cryptocurrency wallet has far greater security risks than a typical DApp, therefore we need to guarantee complete safety for our users. An exploit that puts our project on the rapidly expanding list of DeFi hacks would be extremely difficult to recover from, so it’s essential to be absolutely confident in our product before the mainnet release.

As a result, we’ll be taking additional time to fully vet Blank Wallet’s code before release. The team will dedicate more time and resources to audit and peer-review the wallet in-house until there is a consensus on the code’s quality and security. We’re also in contact with other auditing firms to provide additional opinions.

Release Plan

Least Authority will review and confirm the changes once our development team makes the necessary adjustments based on the initial audit report. After these changes have been enacted, the development team will conduct an internal audit and fully review all of Blank Wallet’s code.

The team has been rapidly expanding Blank Wallet’s feature set, so some additional time to verify the existing code would bring a lot of confidence to the mainnet release.

The nature of development makes giving specific dates and time frames extremely difficult, especially when auditing code. Instead, we believe that proving a checklist of what needs to be achieved before launch paints a better picture of what to expect for the future.

We’re introducing the following release plan and will clearly communicate once we finish each phase:

Phase 1

  • Addressing issues found by Least Authority
  • Have our adjustments confirmed by Least Authority

Phase 2

  • In-house code reviews conducted by our development team
  • Public bug bounties to find and eliminate bugs

Phase 3

  • Mainnet beta testing with a limited number of users
  • Additional third-party audits conducted by other auditing firms
  • Public mainnet release date announcement

We’ll update the community as each phase is completed. The public mainnet release will take place as soon as we complete phase 3.

While we understand that the community is excited about Blank Wallet and wants to use it as soon as possible, we want to stress that building a secure and stable platform is paramount. By building solid foundations, we’re setting ourselves up for long-term success. By being as transparent as possible, we hope that the community has a clear vision of what the future holds. We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and reiterate that we have a bright future ahead of us!

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