$BLANK Liquidity Rewards Extended

4 min readJun 8, 2021


We’ve created a new LP rewards farm for the month of March. Be sure to start staking in the new farm on Unicrypt. The instructions found in this article are still valid for this month’s program, so read ahead if you want to earn rewards for holding $BLANK.

Around the beginning of last month, we integrated with Unicrypt for our liquidity rewards program. Integrating with Unicrypt has simplified the process for $BLANK liquidity providers and offered a range of benefits. These benefits include:

  • No minimum deposit required to start earning rewards
  • No whitelist sign-ups
  • Rewards are distributed on a block by block basis instead of monthly
  • You can now remove liquidity without losing previous farming progress

Delivering a better user experience is a top priority of ours, so Unicrypt’s streamlined approach to decentralized finance felt like an appropriate choice. Previous liquidity farming solutions proved to be cumbersome and inconvenient for much of our userbase. The decision to integrate with Unicrypt has yielded positive user feedback and a more refined liquidity rewards program for $BLANK holders.

After a successful start, we’ve decided to extend our partnership with Unicrypt for another month!

New Unicrypt $BLANK Farm

In order to participate in this month’s program, be sure to unstake from the previous farm and begin staking in the new farm on Unicrypt. This is vital as last month’s farm will cease to yield any future rewards.

The new $BLANK farm is available on the list of Unicrypt farms here. Be aware that the new farm may not be visible on the first page of Unicrypt farms, so click through the pages if necessary.

Liquidity providers are entitled to the usual 0.3% exchange fee provided by Uniswap as well as additional $BLANK rewards for providing BLANK-ETH LP tokens to the Unicrypt $BLANK farm.

How to Participate

Step 1: Connect your wallet and deposit BLANK-ETH in exchange for LP tokens on Uniswap here.

Step 2: Find the $BLANK farm here.

Step 3: Under the “AVAILABLE” tab in the reward pools menu you’ll see active and inactive pools.

Step 4: In the “STAKE” tab you’ll be able to choose the amount of tokens that you want to stake, choose your desired amount and then press the stake button.

That’s it, Enjoy your $BLANK rewards!

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